I Love Green Guide Letters – A Review (part 1)

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Comedy, Review

Seeing a podcast live was a weird experience. I was unsure going in if Mr Steele Saunders could deliver the same amount of awesome live as he does in the podcast and as I was taught never to trust anyone with an alliterated name, there were already previously unsurmountable mountains for the man of Steele to climb.

For a bloke reading letters from sociopaths about bullshits boring cousin’s opinions, with the added extravagance of Bart Hitler-Whitepower and Captain ‘I’ve been on Letterman so fuck you and your emails’ Kindler, it was fucking awesome.

I’m to drunk to continue writing at this standard, let alone a humorous one so yeah, that’s it.

Infinity Stars
“It brought out tears of laughter in me like only a well timed fart can” – Me


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