Finally, some pictures from my telescope.



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I bought 5 fish for my pond today, which should be interesting. I haven’t kept fish for ages so it will be a learning experience or a cheap source of food..

I don’t really know much about fish apart from what my dad knows, which is a metric fuckton, but he’s not home so I should hit the books or at least Wikipedia so I don’t kill the scaly little bastards.

I want to try and train them to feed at set times and areas of the pond , kill a man 15 different ways in 15 seconds and do memory experiments with them. If that goes well, I might win a JJJ Funpack from Dr Karl.

I’ll update this as things progress…

Steele Saunders – The Cat’s Meow 11/04/12 @ Spleen Bar.

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Seeing a podcast live was a weird experience. I was unsure going in if Mr Steele Saunders could deliver the same amount of awesome live as he does in the podcast and as I was taught never to trust anyone with an alliterated name, there were already previously unsurmountable mountains for the man of Steele to climb.

For a bloke reading letters from sociopaths about bullshits boring cousin’s opinions, with the added extravagance of Bart Hitler-Whitepower and Captain ‘I’ve been on Letterman so fuck you and your emails’ Kindler, it was fucking awesome.

I’m to drunk to continue writing at this standard, let alone a humorous one so yeah, that’s it.

Infinity Stars
“It brought out tears of laughter in me like only a well timed fart can” – Me

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What the fuck is this shit?

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This is a blog for me to share all the bullshit I find online that may be of interest to people. I also plan to write reviews, opinion pieces and heaps of other shit too that no one will ever read. I’m going to add extra shit to the site as time goes on. 

Thank you for reading.

Hello world!

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